Five in one square bottom paper bag machine

As a professional manufacturer of roll feed paper bag machine in China, we are not only a manufacturer of paper bag machine, but also a solution provider based on customers’ requirements for paper packaging. With more and more countries restricting plastics, discerning consumers are increasingly demanding designs for paper packaging styles, but based on existing technology, paper bags cannot completely replace plastic bags. A customer from Europe provides bread paper bags, food packaging paper bags and packaging paper bags for a large supermarket.
How to achieve five functions on a square bottom paper bag machine, please see how we do it.
This equipment is customized based on the FD-330 square bottom paper bag machine. The whole machine adopts the German lenze system. The whole machine has a total of 12 servo motors. Under the premise of diverse functions, it can ensure easy operation and stable production.

1: Standard kraft paper bag

Width: 120-330mm, bottom: 70-180mm, cutting bag length: 270-530mm, different from the purely mechanical bottom adjustment style of the standard machine, using servo motor to achieve.

2. Die cut handle paper bag

Die cut handle paper bags are widely used in fast food packaging paper bags and coffee packaging paper bags. Paste 100-150gsm paper products on the inside of the bag to solve the shortcomings of paper bags that cannot bear weight after punching.
The first step is to locate the water glue, and apply the water glue at the corresponding position according to the customer’s size requirements.

In the second step, the patch is cut to length, the patch length is directly adjustable online, and the German Becker vacuum pump is used to absorb the paper and attached to the position where the water glue has been pre-coated. The vacuum pump is sucked and placed to realize the positioning of the reinforced patch.

The third step is portable punching. From the pre-coated water glue, the reinforcement sheet is cut and placed, to the portable punching, a total of 7 servo motors are required to work together. The portable knife mold is detachable. The knife mold can be customized according to the customer’s Custom size.

3. Square bottom paper bag with plastic window

The traditional method of plastic window sticking is to punch, apply glue, and then cover the hole with a plasitc film. The structure is relatively simple, wasting glue and plastic film, and conflicts with the environmental protection concept of paper bags. , A machine realizes two ways of film sticking.

The structure of die cut handle is used to replace the reinforced paper sheet with a fixed-length cut of plastic film, and to position the glue.

In the first step, the magnetic roller is punched, the knife mold is customized at will, the magnetic roller is adsorbed, and the die change is simple.

The second step is to locate the water glue, and apply the water glue according to the customer’s opening position.

The third step is to cut off the fixed length of the plastic patch, the length of the plastic patch can be adjusted directly online, and the German Becker vacuum pump is used to adsorb the plastic patch, and it is attached to the position where the water glue has been pre-coated, and the vacuum pump is sucked to place the patch.

This method avoids the paper from absorbing too much water due to the large area of water glue, and the later paper bag forming is more stable.

4. Plastic film lamianting

According to the width of the paper, the machine is equipped with a plastic film for unwinding, and the glue is coated with the positive glue of the water glue to realize the lamination.

The five-in-one square bottom paper bag machine, based on the standard FD-330, integrates the functions of piecing bags and plastic windows to realize a machine with five bags. The whole machine is under the control of the German Lenze servo system, with a high degree of automation, simple and reliable operation, and it satisfies the requirements of European customers for personalized language customization.
As a professional manufacturer of roll paper bag machine in China, we are always committed to developing multi-function, multi-purpose paper bag machine to meet the ever-changing paper product packaging.