The Sequence Of Bottom Adjustment

(Manual Of Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine)

Bottom forming is the most important part of the square bottom paper bag machine, and also the most difficult part to operate.This article according to the actual operation to confirm the bottom adjustment sequence, each link of the machine is mutual influence, so must first understand the function of each part, can be targeted.

Corners 1-1 and 1-2 are formed by copper clamps.

Central finger(depth:2-5mm)

Bottom opening clamps to corners 2-1 and 2-2)

Bottom opening bar(If not open enough, it will be wrinkle as the sample bags,so adjust the angle and position of bar)

2-1 corner is folded too less and 2-2 is folded too much. (Suppose the bottom width is right now, please check the gusset. Now 2-1 gusset is too big and 2-2 gusset is too small)