McDonald’s, a large global multinational restaurant chain, was founded in 1955 in Chicago, USA and has approximately 30,000 locations worldwide. McDonald’s started to introduce paper bag packaging in its restaurants in December 2006, before the Government announced the “Plastic Restriction Order”. Since June 1, 2008, all McDonald’s restaurants have stopped using plastic bags and replaced them with paper bags. In Europe, as of the end of September 2015, they are already sourcing 100% of centrally-sourced fiber-based packaging from recycled or certified sources. In the U.S., they are currently transitioning to 100% FSC-certified fiber for hot cups, to be completed in 2016.January 11, 2016, McDonald roll out a new design for paper packaging

Replace the Plastic Bags to Biodegradable Food Grade Brown Kraft Paper Bag

The paper bags used at McDonald’s are generally divided into two categories:

1、Sharp bottom/Satchel paper bag for the chicken wing tart and cookies.

2、Square bottom paper bags with or without loops/ handle for packing and taking away.

Today we’ll talk about the bag machine which produces the square bottom paper bags.

McDonald’s square bottom paper bags are divided into bags without carrying handles and carry bags with carrying handles.

The main sizes involved are as follows.

We have two complete and professional solutions for you to choose from:

Proposal 1: Semi-automatic bag making machine RZFD330 + wrist making machine RZSW-10M

RZFD330 Machine Image

For 4#, 8#, 12# bags, the RZFD330 can finish and its applicable bag info is as below:

Bag Width : 120-330mm, bottom : 70-180mm, cutting length : 270-530mm

Basic information:
Machine Size: 9200x3700x2000mm
Labor Needed:1 operator and 1 technician.

The main features of this model:

  1. Use France Schneider Touch Screen Human-Computer Interface, operate and control easily.
  2. Adopt Germany Original REXROTH PC Control, integrated with optical fibe『, ensure high speed running steadily.
  3. Germany Original REXROTH Servo Motor and Germany Original SICK Photoelectric Eye Correction, tracking printing bag accurately.
  4. Raw material load adopt hydraulic pressure up and down structure, unwinding adopt auto tension control.
  5. Raw material unwinding EPC adopt Italy SELECTRA, Reduce adjustment time.

If you want to produce bags with handles, only need to add round rope or flat rope wrist machine, with 10M working line. Using round rope as an example, 8 skilled workers, working 10 hours, can do 100,000 pairs of stick-on handles. Under normal circumstances, a paper bag machine with a wrist machine is sufficient.

The advantages of this solution are: low cost and easy to handle, but it requires more labor when making carry bags.

Wrist Machines Make Wrists

10M Work Line Workers Paste Wrist

Proposal 2:Fully automatic bag making machine with handle making inline–RZFD330T

We also has fully automatic bag making machine, which can complete the production of raw material rolled paper to finished bags, both with our without handles are ok.

Information on the bags that can be produced is as follows.

Basic information:


Machine Size: 9200x3700x2000mm
Labor Needed:1 operator and 1 technician.

The advantages of this solution are: 1machine for 2 uses, low labour costs, but higher machine costs. This model is suitable for countries and regions with adequate budgets and relatively high labour costs.

Project Demo:
The link below is to our client’s use our machine to produce McDonald’s bags.

If you are considering producing McDonald’s or similar sized paper bags, you can consider knowing more about the two models involved above. Both models have their own features, stable performance, easy maintenance, we will also provide convenient and efficient installation training and other after-sales service to solve your worries.