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Paper Bag Machine

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Paper Bag Machine
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We are one of the China’s leading manufacturers of paper bag making machine in the eco friendly paper bags and shopping paper bag  industries.

  • Over 30 years technical experience in manufacturing paper bag machines.
  • Mastery of paper bags value chain
  • One-stop operational resource that covers manufacturing bases for paper bag making machines & paper bags raw materials.

Types of Paper Bag Making Machines

Roll feeding paper bag making machines, use printed or non printed roller paper as raw material to make various sized paper bags with handle or non-handle.We also provide inline 2 color or 4 color flexo printing machines for customer choice, and automatic paper bag handle making and pasting machine for paper carry bag making solution.

Automatic Shopping Paper Bag Machine

Automatic Paper Carry Bag Machine

High speed paper carry bag making machine,  high speed paper bag manufacturing speed with 3 workers.  (only 35pcs/min by paper bag handle inserting and pasting machine).

Sharp Bottom Paper Bag Machine

V Bottom Food Paper Bag Machine

V-bottom flat and satchel paper bag are widely used for food packaging, such as bread paper bag, KFC Chicken wings paper bag, potato chip paper bag, snack paper bag, dry fruit paper bag and ECO friendly paper bag.

Square bottom paper bag machine

Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

It is a high production machine for making food paper bag, brown paper bag, paper gift bags, white paper bags, kraft paper bags, paper carry bag, paper shopping bags, recycled paper bags, paper food bags, brown paper gift bags, brown gift bags etc.

Ultimate Guide

How to Choose the Right Paper Bag Machines & Manufacturer

Are you planning to find a good paper bag making machine manufacturer in China to boost your paper bag business?

If yes, then you come to the right place! When it comes to source paper bag machines manufacturers, China is the first choose , Remember, the Chinese packaging equipment industry is diverse and large – it’s a manufacturing hub.

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