Paper Straw Making Machine

Paper Drinking Straw Production Line Video

Machine Details

Machine Features

  1. Adopt human-machine operation interface, more convenient for operation
  2. Aluminum Paper reeling stand, Slitting rolls are easily placed into reel stand
  3. Surface Paper is Single side coating, middle layer paper is double glue coating
  4. Spiral winding part, specialized operation system, Belt tension device (hand-wheel driven)
  5. 6 knife System in-line cutting unit controlled by encode, cutting final paper tube directly, Servo motor control cutting system
  6. Stainless steel body, meet food grade production standards
  7. Protection cover, conform to ISO and 6S factory inspection standard
  8. Automatic Stop when the paper break
  9. Glue tank constant temperature system, Improve glue stability.

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Paper Slitting Machine for Straw Raw Material

Straw Paper Slitting Machine Video

Machine Features

Equipment effective width 700MM, mechanical speed 300M/min.

The machine consists of corrective unwinding institutions, cutting structure, the rolling bodies, transmission and electrical control.

Agencies main configuration and specifications

(A) unwinding institutions
The device has a manual aspect of offset can be eliminated due to the tension of raw material at both ends arising from Bohou or paper core non-circularity different and wrinkled.
Unwinding tension to the high linear magnetic powder brake actuator output torque balancing the tension fluctuation can be reduced to a minimum.

(B) cutting machine configuration
The agency uses carbide precision disc disc knife (slitting relatively thick aluminum foil, paper and other materials) or (and) straight knife cutting (slitting general plastic film), neat incision, long life, cutting up and down knife shaft width adjustment processing, between the upper and lower blade shaft gear speed matching. Turning the handwheel implementation under the knife, the knife continues to rotate automatically rely.

(C) the rolling bodies
The agency uses the left-right axis biaxial winding with pressure arm balance internal and external pressure. The transmission uses two independent servo motor drive uniaxial tension adjustable.

(D) transmission mechanism
It uses main servo motor operation, convenient lifting speed, the speed adjustment the excessive soft, smooth.
Drive mode: General moving control of PLC
Specification: 5.5KW servo motor

Machine Details