Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine With Plastic Window

//Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine With Plastic Window

With customers’ increasing demand for differentiated packaging, as a professional paper bag machine manufacturer in China, we are always committed to constantly updating and improving, providing customers with the latest technologies and solutions.

Designed for European customers, the square bottom paper bag machine with plastic window is widely used in food packaging, such as bread, croissant and grocery.

Traditional paper bags with square bottom are usually made of kraft paper, which cannot meet customers’ requirements on packaging aesthetics, waterproof and oil-proof. Therefore, customers will use plastic on small areas of paper bags, such as BOPP, PET, PHA, etc. But because of the characteristics of plastic, paper and plastic bonding, so you must use a specific water-based adhesive or hot melt adhesive. According to the customer’s requirements, we need to make two types of square bottom paper bag with a plastic window on one machine at the same time. We innovatively use positioning die-cutting + water-based adhesive and hot-melt adhesive on the machine to meet the customer’s requirements.

1: Positioning die-cutting + water-based adhesive

Magnetic die cutter by servo motor

Waste collector by a vacuum pump

Water-based gluing cylinder
(Need to change the gluing cylinder to match the Different cutting length )

Plastic film

2: full plastic film+hot melt adhesive

Side glue should be hot melt adhesive for paper and plastic film

Considering the plastic film is soft and hard to form bottom, the film used should be strong whose thickness is 0.028 to 0.045mm. But be noted the width of plastic film is decided by width and length of final bags.

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