Paper Bag Samples

Properties and Uses

Rolling feed square bottom paper bag making machine, it uses paper roll in blank or printed as raw material. consists of automatic centre forward glue, printing tracking, fixed length and cutting, bottom indentation, folding bottom, bottom glue. Bag bottom forming, finished bag collecting one time,The machine is more convenient, more efficient, more stable, can produce a variety of different paper bags, leisure food bags, bread bags, dried fruit bags and so on environmentally friendly paper bag machine equipment.

Main Features

  • Use France Schneider Touch Screen Human-Computer Interface, operate and control easily.

  • Adopt Germany Original REXROTH PC Control, integrated with optical fiber, ensure high speed running steadily.

  • Germany Original REXROTH Servo Motor and Germany Original SICK Photoelectric Eye Correction, tracking printing bag accurately.

  • Raw material load adopt hydraulic pressure up and down structure, unwinding adopt auto tension control.

  • Raw material unwinding EPC adopt Italy SELECTRA, Reduce adjustment time.

Main Technical Parameters

Cutting length – C190-370mm270-530mm270-530mm380-760mm
Paper bag width – W80-190mm120-330mm260-450mm240-450mm
Paper bag bottom width – H50-105mm60-180mm80-180mm80-200mm
Paper thickness50-130g/m260-150g/m270-150g/m280-150g/m2
Paper bag speed30-200 pcs/min30-180 pcs/min30-150 pcs/min30-140 pcs/min
Paper roll width280-640mm380-1040mm700-1280mm700-1330mm
Roll paper diameter1200mm1200mm1200mm1200mm
Machine power3phase 4line 380V        12kw3phase 4line 380V        15kw3phase 4line 380V        18kw3phase 4line 380V        20kw
Machine weight5800 kg7200 kg7500 kg7800 kg
Machine size(mm)8200x3200x19009200x3700x20009200x3700x20009200x3700x2000
Bottom types

Configurations List

Control System
PC Program Controller1GermanyREXROTH
Human computer touch screen interface1FranceSchneider
Servo Motor1GermanyREXROTH
Servo Driver1GermanyREXROTH
Traction servo Motor1TaiwanDELTA
Servo Driver1TaiwanDELTA
Positioning Photoelectric Eye1GermanySICK
Low Voltage Electrical Apparatus1USAEATON
Photoelectric Sensor1USABAUMER
Deviation correction and tension control system
EPC Controller1ItalySELECTRA
Servo EPC Motor1ItalySELECTRA
Ultrasonic Sensor1ItalySELECTRA
Magnetic Powder Brake1ChinaWEIZHENG
Synchronous Belt1ChinaBELDI
Synchronous Wheel1ChinaMTED
Guide Roller1ChinaBAIXIAO
Finished Bag Conveyor belt1Switzerland
Glue position
Bottom Glue1ChinaMTED
Side nozzle1ChinaMTED
Glue tank1ChinaMTED